Castor Oil Fomentations

A castor oil fomentation is an excellent adjunct to alleviating any pain or inflammation anywhere in the body. It dissolves and cleanses the body of hardened mucus which may manifest as cysts, fibroids, tumours, adhesions, polyps etc. Castor oil fomentations relieve the symptoms of menstrual symptoms and ease the pain of colitis and diverticulitis. They are particularly helpful in decongesting the liver and relieving lymphatic swellings in the groin, neck and arm areas by breaking up congestion, drawing out toxins and soothing the area treated. Castor oil fomentations are also indicated where constipation is a problem.
Materials required

Good quality castor oil, organic if possible. It may be obtained from your Herbalist or Chemist.
100% white unbleached cotton flannel x 2 or muslin
Cling film
Hot water bottle
An old towel
A bowl
A plastic sheet

Place one cloth in a bowl and add castor oil.
Using gloves soak it well in the oil and squeeze out any excess oil, but do not wring dry.
Prepare the area where you will be lying and place a large plastic sheet and old towel over it. Please note that castor oil stains.
Boil the kettle and fill the hot water bottle.
Position the cloth over the area you are going to be treating and place the second flannel over it.
Secure with cling film and place the hot water bottle over it and a blanket.
Rest for at least one hour with the pack in place or you may leave it on overnight.
Do this for three consecutive days adding more oil each day. Then massage the same area with olive oil for 3 days, then rest for one.

It is necessary to repeat this for several months or until the condition has resolved. The oil and cloth can be re-used 3 times, then discard and use new oil and flannels. Do not under estimate the healing power of this naturopathic treatment and make a strong effort to overcome any resistance to doing the castor oil pack.