The Irish Herbalist


Iridology is a safe, non-invasive assessment tool that is unique to Master Medical Herbalists. It is the science and practice of analyzing the iris, the most complex external tissue structure of the human anatomy. Iridology allows the individual to become aware of his/her unique physical, emotional and spiritual make up.



During the iridology consultation, photographs of the iris are taken and projected onto a computer screen to be carefully examined by the iridologist. Iridology is a positive and empowering experience in itself. Knowing one’s constitution can assist in guarding against threats to health in the future, and help to understand the unique qualities and needs of one’s physical and psychological make-up.


This is the individual’s genetic inheritance and its formative influences. It will determine the unique response of the individual’s system to the conditions of life, and describe the limits of tolerance which may give way, under stress and toxic encumbrance, to patterns of ill health and disease. These, as may readily be seen, are quite often familial.


Apart from variations in colour, the iridologist also examines the texture and structure of the iris, and works to determine which organs and systems may be out of balance by observing markings in reference to an ‘iris reflex chart’. This will reveal the levels of acquired toxicity in the body, the organs affected and the levels of degeneration.

Emotional and Spiritual

Again through colours and markings in the eyes and the location of colour markings, iridology can reveal the unique personality, tapped or untapped talents and gifts, unresolved relationships and the emotional reasons why particular foods are eaten which can often lead to ill health.


Iridology’s greatest strength lies in its value as a preventative tool. By identifying the underlying imbalances in the body, the iris will alert the practitioner to the early signs of approaching disease. Appropriate preventative treatment can then be taken to prevent subsequent illnesses that might otherwise follow.