The Irish Herbalist


Ciara is trained in vitalist and natural nutrition. Vitalism is the underlying principle that human beings are designed to enjoy a diet that is mainly derived from living foods, in particular fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. These foods need to be prepared in a form that is near to their wholesome growing state as possible.

The Consultation

A consultation lasts approximately 1 hour. During this time a detailed medical, dietary, exercise and lifestyle assessment is taken. The individual’s health concerns and objectives are discussed. An iridology assessment is also part of the consultation. This enables the practitioner to determine which foods need to be avoided and which particular foods need to be included to achieve optimum health and vitality.

The practitioner places an emphasis not only on the quality and the quantity of the foods eaten, but also on the ability of the organs of elimination to deal with waste by-products of the same.

When all this information is gathered and assessed, a personalized diet is formulated. Ciara will discuss how to incorporate enzyme rich, nutrient laden superfoods such as green juices, sea vegetables, nut milks, smoothies, salads and dressings and sprouted nuts, grains and seeds into the diet.

Follow Up

A dietary plan that is simple and easy to incorporate into the day will be given. The individual will be encouraged to keep motivated through journalling using the dietary plan given, and to record the intake each day. A further consultation in 2-3 weeks can assess the progress made, demonstrate more practical food preparations, and most importantly, keep you inspired and positive.