Radiance from Within

One of the greatest treasures a person can have is radiant, healthy skin. A beautiful complexion and glorious skin are a reflection of our personal life-style practices. To understand how significantly lifestyle impacts on our skin is important. We need to understand that our skin is a mirror of the purity of our blood that feeds it. Skin breakouts, acne, boils, psoriasis, eczema, oiliness and dry skin are the result of an impure bloodstream.

The skin is the largest organ of elimination. Our skin becomes impure when one or more of the organs of elimination (bowel, liver. lungs, kidneys) are not working efficiently, or if our nervous system is compromised.

As a Herbalist and Natural Healer, I identify and treat the underlying cause of skin disorders and not just the symptoms. If you have a toxic, preservative laden diet, you can expect to have these substances in your blood stream which will promote inflammation, irritation and other symptoms. The skin is responsible for removing over a quarter of our waste products.

It is important to also remember that true beauty and radiance is not about conforming to a specific facial structure, eye colour or body size, its about the entire vision of beauty that shines outward from within. Your outer appearance reveals the depths of your wholeness as a person, including your intelligence, personality, emotions and your relationship to those around you.