This is a very common condition that I see people with in the clinic. Sinuses become inflamed and infected as a result of excessive secretions from colds, dental infections, deviated septum’s etc. But the most common cause is s build up of catarrh from improper diet, poor digestion and the faulty draining and elimination of the lymphatic system. The symptoms are pain around the eyes and either side of the nose, headaches and sometimes blocked ears. The person becomes lethargic due to reduced oxygenation in the body and from the pain itself.
When treating the sinuses, the whole body needs to be assessed. Firstly I ensure the bowels are clean and moving well and that the person is having at least 1-2 big soft bowel movements each day. If they are not, I prescribe my intestinal cleansing formula. You can not have a clean and healthy body if you are constipated!

A well hydrated body is essential and is achieved by drinking lots of warm or room temperature water and herbal teas throughout the day and by limiting or avoiding alcohol, tea and coffee.
I recommend a mucus free diet, especially avoiding milk, yogurt, cheese and eggs. Avoid gluten rich grains like wheat. Also avoiding sugar, meat and fried foods.
Aim for a plant based diet with lots of fruit. vegetables, sprouted nuts, seeds and grains. Onions: leeks, garlic, horseradish, turnips, lemons, limes, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cabbage are wonderful foods for cleaning and clearing excess mucus from the body. I often recommend a 3 day juice cleanse to take the burden off digestion and cleanse the body.
The herbs I use depends on the person, their symptoms, iris picture and their diet.

The focus is to drain the sinus, treat the infection, reduce the inflammation and support the immune system. I often combine some of the following herbs in a tinctured formula- eyebright, goldenseal, myrrh, burdock, echinacea, wild indigo, mullein, cayenne, Siberian ginseng’, ginger and licorice. I always like to give a herbal tea too to ensure high levels of hydration and to soothe and cleanse not only the sinuses but the entire body. Herbs such as nettle, yarrow, plantain, elder and goldenrod are specific herbs for sinusitis and make a wonderfully soothing and cleansing tea.
If you are suffering from recurring sinusitis it’s essential that you continue with the mucus less diet and herbs for several months. Chronic conditions cannot be addressed and cured in only a matter of weeks, be patient!