The Fertile Female – Case History

A 35 year old lady consulted me regarding sub fertility. She had been trying for three years to conceive and was attending a Fertility Clinic in Dublin. All investigation were normal, except her AMH ( Anti Mullerian Hormone) levels were very low. She was commenced on clomid, but over responded to it and it was discontinued. She was advised to recommence it at 1/2 the dosage in a few months time. In the meantime she decided to try a more natural approach and came to me for a consultation.

Her iris picture showed a strong and healthy constitution. Her reproductive area was healthy with no toxicity apparent. Her colon looked impacted. She confirmed that she was constipated and was only going to the toilet two to three times weekly. I identified a lung lacuna which predisposed her to anxiety and/or depression. She confirmed that she was prone to anxiety and had suffered panic attacks in her teenage years and sometimes had difficulties with sleep.
Her diet was excellent, however she appeared a little underweight. She was quite stressed and anxious about not conceiving.
She exercised most days, and enjoyed running and basketball.

A plant based diet was recommended and she was advised to increase fats. I recommended she stopped running for the time being and to try more gentle and restorative forms of exercise.
She had 4 colon hydrotherapy sessions and was given an intestinal cleanser to improve bowel function. Her bowels started to move at least one to two times daily.
I prescribed a tincture for relaxation and stress, which contained motherwort, lemon balm, skullcap, Passion flower, hawthorn and verbena. I also have her a tincture to enhance fertility. It contained false unicorn, black cohosh, wild yam, Agnus castus, milk thistle and licorice. I formulated an infusion of red clover, red raspberry, nettles and horsetail for her to drink.

Within four months this lady conceived and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. One year later she returned for fertility herbs and conceived two months later. She continues to attend for herbs for colds and also to help her digestion every few months.
She has always said that she believes the colon hydrotherapy was what really helped her body cleanse and therefore allowed the herbs worked more efficiently.