The Herbal Hound

I use the principles of Natural Rearing for my dogs. Natural Rearing is much more than just a diet; it is a holistic approach to life. Simply put… it’s about utilizing the old time, natural ways, essentially caring for your dogs as closely to nature as possible. It’s about eliminating inappropriate and toxic substances from every area of life. Avoiding chemical assaults in the garden as well as household cleaners.

The very foundation of Natural Rearing is building a strong immune system. A dog thus fortified is better able to handle All disease from within. This is accomplished by feeding raw meaty bones and organs, fresh air, clean water, minimal stress, appropriate exercise, lots of love; using natural alternatives to chemicals/medication; supporting natural immunity so each dog has the opportunity to live a long life full of vitality; in turn passing this strength to future generations.

I make these meat balls for my dogs which contain: raw turkey mince, raw eggs and their shells ground to a powder, vegetables (cooked) and herbs. In this bowl the herbs I’ve added are garlic and fenugreek tablets, cleavers, dandelions, plantain, slippery elm and nettles. I then freeze them and give them a couple a day as nutritional treats.

By adhering as closely as possible to NR owners can enjoy a sparkling, vital companion for many years to come!