Why I became a Colon Hydrotherapist

One of the first questions my clients ask me is “How on heavens earth did you end up doing colonics for a living?”I started off my professional career as a nurse. My first experience of bowel cleansing was at the tender of 17, when a staff nurse asked me to observe an enema being administered. There was an elderly lady who had severe abdominal pain secondary to constipation. The enema was given, and lucky me being the student, had the delightful task of disposing of the contents of the commode! I was so shocked to see the volume that had been released and how impacted she had been. Following the enema, the same little lady was all perked up and smiling in the bed, she was like a different person.

Throughout my nursing carer I witnessed many people with digestive disorders and others with health issues which I now know had arisen from an impure and congested colon.

I gradually became more interested in natural healing. The more research I did, it became apparent that bowel cleanliness was fundamental to health and vitality. Colonic irrigation was the safest and most effective way to achieve a clean bowel. I subsequently trained in colon hydrotherapy and am a full-time therapist since 2003.

I am truly passionate about my job and its resultant affects. The more waste I see removed the happier I am! Often people release between 20-30 bowel movements in 1 session alone. They report marked improvements in energy and vitality, clearer skin, less bloating and gas, weight loss and improved immunity. I have seen chronic skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and urticaria completely clear with bowel cleansing. Several ladies who were experiencing difficulty in conceiving soon became pregnant after colon hydrotherapy. #colonichydrotherapy #colonics #colonicsdublin #coloncleanse #theirishherbalist