Colon Care

The large intestine (colon) has a large resident population of microbiota, consisting of many organisms, together with the antigenic load provided by the diet and the constant threat of potential pathogens, means the intestinal immune system encounters more antigen than any other part of the body. If your colon is congested, every single organ in the body is affected. Before any health concern can be addressed, the colon must first be clean.

A bowel movement should occur after every meal that is consumed.
Typically there should be 2-3 bowel movements for every meal you consume.
The stool should be soft and unformed, not hard or watery, and it should break up when the toilet is flushed.
The stool should float.
Bowel movements should happen effortlessly, and without straining, and should take only a minute or so to pass.
Marks on the toilet bowl indicates constipation and excess mucus in the system.

Stress, poor diet, dehydration, genetics, lack of exercise all impacts on how our colon functions.

Eat primarily a plant based diet, with lots of fruits, vegetables, sprouted nuts and seeds. By including pears, linseed, warm water and lemon and by reducing or omitting white flour products, wheat, popcorn, dairy and dehydrating drinks like tea and coffee bowel movements will increase.

If you feel a cold or flu coming on or a virus is prevalent, clean your bowels! This can be done by taking herbs such as my intestinal cleansing formula which disinfects and heals the entire digestive tract, taking an enema or a colonic. Eat lighter and fast if you can.

If your colon is clean and functioning well, the other organs of elimination will work better, therefore your immunity will be enhanced. No matter what condition my clients present with in the clinic, be it sub fertility, acne, hormonal issues or insomnia, the first thing I do is clean their colon. You can not be constipated and be healthy. Don’t wait until you get sick, start cleaning your colon today and keep it clean!