Garlic is ‘Natures Anti-biotic’, four cloves of garlic is equivalent to a single dose of penicillin. It is the paragon of blood cleansers and it is capable of killing viruses, bacteria and fungi. The sulphur in garlic is a mineral used as an oxygen carrier. As oxygen is the breath of life, the sulphur will carry the oxygen in the body directly to infected areas. Germs cannot live in a body with a good supply of oxygen, therefore, infections are cleared quickly.

Garlic prevents the build up of cholesterol in the blood. It is a ‘tonic’ herb, thus, lowering high blood pressure and raising one that is too low. It is beneficial in preventing thrombosis and arteriosclerosis. “Garlic helps clear fat accumulating in the blood vessels, reducing the the tendency to heart disease

Respiratory system
Garlic has a special affinity to the respiratory tract, beneficially influencing bronchial secretions, though it rapidly diffuses throughout the whole system. Garlic is used in herbal medicine for treating bronchitis (loosening phlegm) asthma, coughs, colds, flu, sinusitis and whooping cough.

Garlic stimulates the gastric juices and has carminative properties to correct any fermentative and gaseous conditions in the stomach. It arrests intestinal putrefaction and infection, while stimulating the healthful growth of the ‘friendly bacteria’. Garlic balances the amount of sugar in the blood by producing more insulin and is a must for diabetics and those experiencing pancreatic imbalances.

How to take garlic

If you have never taken garlic before, start slowly. Always try and eat it in its raw form i.e. not cooked with food. Chop a clove up finely and mix it into your food, it is particularly nice with a little olive oil and lemon juice. Take one clove daily for a several days, then two for several more days, slowly building up until you are taking three to four cloves daily. Garlic should be part of every day life. Those who are reluctant to consume garlic because of its odour, should add freshly grated ginger to it, or chew a little parsley afterwards. Provided you wash regularly, keep generally healthy, and don’t get constipated, the garlic odour will be minimized.